Richard Noble Carter
 A self-made man of diversity.


A Partial list of past clients:

Bionetworth, Inc.
US Economic Development Corporation
Worthy Shorts
Horizons Companies
iXL, Inc.
Greenhaus, Inc.
Credit Bancorp Ltd.
Environmental Business International
InterNetwork, Inc.
AIGA, San Diego
AIGA, San Francisco
AIGA, New York
DigiBook Technologies, Inc.
Netopolis, Inc.
Tehabi Books
Collegiate Press
Brooktree Corporation
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers
Apple Computer, Inc.
Wadsworth PublishingCompany
Brooks/Cole Publishing Compant
Jones and Bartlett Publishers
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Coronado Publishers, Inc.
Glenco Press
Goodyear Publishing, Inc.
Random House, Inc.
Little, Brown & Co.
Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.
CRM Books

Quotes from letters of recommendation:

Craig Fuller, President, Greenhaus, Inc.
“He is exactly what he appears to be - an incredibly conscientious, decent, hard working guy with considerable talent and experience in the computer-related areas from print production to web site development.”

Thomas G. Lewis, President, Tehabi Books
“I have been acquainted with Richard Carter for over twenty years and have worked with him on numerous projects in all aspects of Graphic Design.

During that time, together, we have worked on projects from concept through execution of final art. I have found Richard to demonstrate the highest standards in quality, on budget and in the allotted time.

I would recommend him highly as an employee or an independent contractor.”

Tyler Blik, President, Tyler Blik Design
“For the past seven years I have had the opportunity of working and interacting with instructor, producer, graphic designer, environmentalist and computer consultant Richard N. Carter. As you can see, by the list of various titles, Richard has qualifications and interests in a variety of fields, all of which he performs with enthusiasm and a keen sense of professionalism.

Richard is a visionary, he is a doer. When everyone one else has gone home he is busy working on his computer, promoting a cause that needs to be addressed or helping a client better understand the communication of his or her business. He does all this with an integrity and sincerity that marks, what I consider, a truly great man.”

Payson R. Stevens, President, InterNetwork, Inc
“It has been a pleasure to know and work with Richard for over twenty years. He is a dedicated individual with great integrity and brings unique talents to any project. Richard’s work as a designer has added to the numerous books he has been involved with including two award-winning college text books which I was a contributing author.”

Robert Bell, Director, San Francisco State University, Multimedia Studies

“I have known Richard for several years. As I researched and developed the SFSU Multimedia Studies Program, I drew on his understanding of the evolution of the Multimedia Industry. He and I reflected many times on our parallel attempts to shape how multimedia could become a part of education in the Bay area.

As one of the founding members of the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group, he helped with the design of its overall mission and strongly advocated an outreach of services that would equally benefit the broadest range of people.”

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