A direct English translation of The Casa de Claro is
The House of a Clear, an Evident, a Skylighted or an Intermediate Space.

"Wisdom" means to "see" with the utmost of clarity.
To be creative in a way that works requires clarity.

We live on a polar planet
and everything on it is polar.
The clearest way to see polar extremes
and the relationship between them
is from the interface or the center of that polar relationship.
The Casa de Claro is a peaceful retreat in between the polar extremes
of society and the creative potential a person uses
to express themselves with clarity.

The Casa de Claro facilitates an intermediate space
of problem solving workability that can serve to guide a person
in a direction they need to go with their creative goals.
It's about sustainable workability on a polar planet.

Casa de Claro is a learning and working retreat on a dune/desert beach front in Mexico.
It is located South of San Felipe in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez.
It is a beautiful place of natural clarity that will serve to inspire
and challenge the creative problem solving skills of the
child, adult, or senior artists, the families, and the business people
who spend their time making use of its
15 workshops and facilities.

Photos of the Environment
Photos of the Campus
Photos of the People

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